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9-Gallon Beer Cask Cooler

This is a project designed and built by my brother-in-law Ian. Taking a barrel of beer on holiday has become a tradition, but often the cottages that are rented for the duration of the holiday don't have somewhere sufficiently cool to store the barrel.

The system was charged with water, inserted into a barrle of Durham beer and run overnight. Performance is reported to be most satisfactory... :)



The cooling probe in the above photo replaces the bung in the barrel filling hole.



  • Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Socket 775 Processor cooler
  • Peltier cooler from a mini fridge
  • XSPC X2O Delta CPU Water Cooling Block V2
  • XSPC X2O 400 Low Noise Compact Pump & Reservoir
  • Filton Cask Cooling Probe
  • PC PSU
  • Aluminium briefcase