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Welcome :-)

My name is James Pawson and I live in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK. I am an Electronics Engineer by training and occupation.

My main interests are my kids, Tesla coils, electronics and general tinkering. I enjoy indoor climbing, bouldering and playing squash to keep fit and I also generally enjoy being outdoors.

This website serves to record the details of the projects I have tinkered with as well as providing links to other sites I like. I hope you find this information useful in some way.


Slightly boring but important safety notice: Some of the projects detailed on this website involve working with dangerous voltages. You should not use the information on this website without understanding the risks involved and I am not responsible for what you do with the information on this website. Recommend that you read this safety guide on working on mains powered equipment and this guide to Tesla Coil safety before you start. Do not look into power supply with remaining eye!


Electronics & Other Projects

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Arduino Based Project
I'm working on an Arduino based interactive project in the background - more details to follow. I'm very impressed with the usability of the Arduino development system.
Peter's Phantom Powered Condenser Microphone Pre-Amplifier
A colleague designed this for his church's sound system and also used it as the basis of some training at work on SPICE simulation.
[ ? ]
DIY Homebrew Heater With Temperature Controller
A project for my brother to help keep his brewing homebrew at the right temperature for yeast to work it's magic. Heater elements made from power resistors and copper pipe, run from a PC power supply with temperature sensing and regulation.
nixie clock Nixie Tube Clock
I've always loved the soft orange glow and attractive digit style of Nixie tubes so it was only fitting that I made a Nixie Tube Clock. Inspired by Mike Harrsion's designs, this clock re-uses a spare digital set top box plastic chassis and XN-11 Nixie tubes.
plant waterer Automatic Tomato Plant Watering System
My efforts to automate the watering of the tomato plants in the greenhouse with a solar powered, automatic, plant watering system. Currently in the first prototype stage.
at psu How to modify an AT type PC power supply give a variable output of up to 48V DC.
beer cooler 9-Gallon Beer Cask Cooler
A fine project by my brother-in-law Ian. Peltier element based cooling system for real ale beer casks - essential holiday equipment!
xbox logo Running Linux on an Xbox
This is a collection of the rather fragmented information available on the interweb about running Xbox on a Linux. I dropped the project before completion and converted my old Windows desktop machine instead.


Tesla Coils & High Voltage

gate drive transformer SSTC Gate Drive Transformer Design Guidelines
This is now more condensed than the original with better organised information. Essential information for designing your GDT.
sstc streamer "Stubby" SSTC
A Solid State Tesla Coil has been finally completed to a reasonable standard after a few years of on-and-off (mostly off) work.
inazuma bridge "Inazuma" Mk. 1 DRSSTC
A mid sized Dual Resonant SSTC, currently shelved pending more free time and equipment to debug the drive circuit.
  "Inazuma" Mk. 2 SISGTC
Based on the secondary of the Mk. 1 Inazuma, an old MOT and 6 stages of SISG. Mostly constructed, currently shelved pending some more free time. Details to follow.
marx bangy bangy A small Marx generator
built from scrounged parts.


Other Stuff

oltc2 Steve Conner's OLTC II at the 2004 Derby Teslathon
stupa Photos from our visit to Nepal in 2005
lindley clock tower Lindley Clock Tower, Huddersfield taken during its opening as part of the 2007 Heritage Open Days



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I can be contacted at the following email address: thedatastream (all one word) at googlemail fullstop com


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